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Regurgitator - Eduardo & Rodriguez wage war on T Wrecks (Warner's Australia/Cargo)

Album number four from Australia's strangest, funky, rap/rock/salsa/everything band is an uncompromising slab of streetwise mayhem. A mix of schizophrenic beats, samples and raps that borrows from a multitude of musical styles. Such as opener 'C'mon', which is a bass-heavy, groove-laden scratch paradise, while 'Spooky interlude' is just that, sparse and creepy.

Then you've got 'Nothin' ever happens', a punk song, weighing in at just one minute ten seconds, followed by 'Corpse explosion' that could be the bastard child of Beck's 'New pollution'. Remember when the crossover/hybrid thing was new and the only bands that were doing it were doing it well? Regurgitator could easily have come from that period. A good time, when Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys and Senser were pushing things further over the edge than anyone had previously dared.

'Fuck the goddamn world' is what the music presses new 'legends in waiting' The Streets should sound like. Bizarre, yet better than most of the crap that's being called rap these days. 'Famous' could have been created by Richard D. James, but still keeps the standard Regurgitator smart-ass vocal work, this time commenting on our "have a hit song, get famous quick culture".
"I don't wanna be famous, get adored by loving strangers, make my music shit, but make sure that it's contagious".

'Superstraight' is all hand claps, indie guitars and catchy raps dealing with life as a suburban, middle-class, twenty-something, working man.
"I love my baby, yeah she's number one, work girl means nothin', I just bang her for fun, And when the weekend comes, it's time for my drugs".
As if that wasn't enough, there's a storming track, four songs in, under the name of 'Hullabaloo'. It's all quick fire raps and features a great breakdown. 'Fat Cop' has more great moments then I've got room to mention here. Basically just like this entire album. Sick of shit? Then pick this up.

Ken McGrath

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